May 02, 2018

Dress Classy for your body type! Never wear anything that doesn’t make you feel and look good!!! Easier said than done right? True, but achievable.

Dress Classy for your body type

The trick is to learn your body’s plus and cons, and believe me, we all have those. You don’t have to look like a supermodel to walk into a room and command attention. All you need is to pay attention to the reflection in the mirror before you decide what you’re wearing or buying.
How to do it:

what’s your body type? Are you pear shaped? Athletic? That’s the first thing to identify in order to buy the flattering pieces
What’s your coloring? Is very important to take into consideration before putting a green on an olive complexion.
What’s your size? Is crucial that the clothes fit your body in order to maximize it’s value and your appearance.
What’s your budget? Can I look great without compromising my financial future?
I know is trendy, but is it worth it? And will it make me look good?

Many times we see something in a magazine in a way that makes us run straight to the store and buy it without giving a second thought to the fact that we may not be the best candidate for that plunging neckline, or that really expensive pair of designer pants that will put your credit card into a coma and your credit score on life support. Just because is trendy and “hot” right now, doesn’t mean that it’ll make you look hot. There are many ways to skin a cat they say. What thy don’t tell you is that skinning a cat can be very expensive.

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